Comparison of Adil Baguirov vs. his opponent for County Recorder


County Recorder is a custodian of mostly real estate paper and digital records, thus the two most critical skills and experiences are Real Estate and Technology.

It is especially important when the county is technologically backward and high-taxed, which is the case for Montgomery County. Expertise in real estate and technology will allow to improve services, increase customer and business satisfaction, lower costs on taxpayers, and speed up the real estate transactions recording process.

Adil's vision is to implement an e-Recording system already in his first year in office, at zero cost to taxpayers, and to start reducing the budget of the Montgomery County Recorder's office. You can find out more about the clear benefits of e-Recording from the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA). Once e-Recording is implemented in Montgomery County, Adil will continue to innovate and improve the office of Recorder to lower costs, improve efficiency and speed, and implement more cutting edge technologies - such as blockchain land title records - to position Montgomery County as a innovation leader, not laggard. 


  Dr. Adil Baguirov   Brandon McClain
checkmark - Adil can do the job Licensed Realtor and real estate investor opponent cannot do it or unqualified No relevant real estate experience or license
checkmark - Adil can do the job Takes annual mandatory Ohio real estate licensing continuing education classes opponent cannot do it or unqualified Has not taken even one mandatory Ohio Recorder's Association continuing education classes (5)
checkmark - Adil can do the job Technology implementation leader (1) opponent cannot do it or unqualified No technology experience or background whatsoever
checkmark - Adil can do the job Transparency leader (2) opponent cannot do it or unqualified No transparency leadership or background
checkmark - Adil can do the job Fiscally responsible who saved millions and will always reduce costs (3)  opponent cannot do it or unqualified Not fiscally responsible, plans to waste estimated $700,000 of taxpayers' money on an in-house software (3*)
checkmark - Adil can do the job Small business owner, job creator opponent cannot do it or unqualified Appointed political employee. Previously also appointed municipal government employee
checkmark - Adil can do the job Bold, independent, visionary and innovative leadership (4) opponent cannot do it or unqualified Towing the party line, owes government appointments to political power brokers 




1) Adil Baguirov implemented the largest technology project in Montgomery County while serving as President of the Dayton Board of Education, and chairman of its Technology Committee, in 2016, where his campaign promise and idea of outfitting the largest school district with the one-to-one technology. Thus, 14,000 students and 1,000 teachers in 29 buildings, requiring hundreds of pieces of networking devices and equipment, and thousands of yards of cables, got brand-new laptops pre-loaded with specialized top-ranked software to improve educational outcomes and offer individualized learning. This massive class-leading technology upgrade was unveiled in just one year, and has been benefiting the students for several years now, improving college and career readiness, as well as preparedness for a variety of state tests which are all online.

Additionally, as a result of Adil's idea and under his direct command, a DPS app was introduced for iPhones and Androids which allowed school bus tracking for parents - a feature that many parents wanted, but only 3 districts out of 608 offer in Ohio.

As a former web developer, with multiple technology certifications, Adil Baguirov is the clear technology leader.


2) Fulfilled campaign promise to bring unprecedented transparency to DPS, by being the first urban school district in Ohio in joining the state’s initiative and establishing the office of independent Internal Auditor to catch waste, fraud and abuse.

Also fulfilled campaign promise to improve fiscal accountability at DPS by more than doubling cash reserves to over 10%, improving finances, reducing state audit deficiencies, and preventing a bond rating downgrade to near junk status.


3) According to Internal Auditor’s calculations, in just two years of Adil Baguirov’s term DPS saved over $6.5 million and recovered over $1.3 million of taxpayers’ funds. This is a conservative tally.

Meanwhile, Adil's opponent wants to spend an estimated $700,000 (*) over two years to create an e-recording system in-house from scratch by 2020 by Montgomery County's programmers - despite availability of several time-tested industry-standard off-the-shelf third-party solutions that are available right now and have been successfully used by dozens of counties in Ohio and other states. This is fiscal waste by a technologically unsophisticated government bureaucrat, who does not account the man-hours spent by county programmers Niko Infanto, Chris Boyd, Gail Hicks and Melissa Carito (whose annual salaries and benefits range from $74,764 to $102,595 according to the DDN Payroll Project), does not think about various incompatibilities and technical issues plaguing in-house software applications, and does not worry about how staff turnover along with underpinning technology changes will affect maintenance, upgradeability and training of the in-house system.

Incidentally, appointed recorder's plan to take two (2) years to develop this system and unveil it only in 2020 coincides with the next election when the County Recorder would be up for the full term. Our recently appointed County Recorder is already thinking and acting like a career politician. I will not play such political games - and will unveil the best system in just several months in my first year.


3*) The $700,000 estimate is derived from a similarly discredited in-house e-recording initiative by a County Recorder in Utah, who wasted well over $700,000 on designing and developing an in-house web application system, for which he was slammed by the 2016 Performance Audit done by the County Auditor, and was then rejected by voters by losing the election.

From Auditor's findings: "Costs for DARWIN [their in-house land records management and e-recording system - ed.] were not properly capitalized according to the County's fixed asset capitalization policy. Because the costs of the DARWIN project were not accounted for accurately, the Recorder's Office could only provide an approximate total cost of the project of roughly $752,000. Instead of separating out the costs for the development of DARWIN, the Recorder's Office has commingled the costs of the IT project with the Recorder's daily operational costs." Read more from the source:


4) Adil has an actual vision and a plan to innovate as a County Recorder. Adil Baguirov wants Montgomery County's Recorder office to be first in Ohio, not last as it is now. His opponent does not have any clear vision nor any track record of innovation. And frankly without technology and real estate background it is a tall order.

Moreover, Adil has proven to be a bold leader, unafraid of going against the most politically powerful groups. Case in point is how Adil fought against ECOT abuses by adopting first-ever Board resolutions against such failed schools in 2015 and establishing the online Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy ( to save Dayton kids from ECOT.


5) Ohio Revised Code requirements for Recorders: "Each county recorder who is newly elected to a full term of office shall attend and successfully complete at least fifteen hours of continuing education courses during the first year of the recorder's term of office and complete at least another eight hours of such courses each year of the remaining term."

Ohio Revised Code requirements for Realtors: "All real estate licensees, sales associates and brokers are required to certify completion of thirty hours of continuing education courses every three years."