Adil Baguirov

Experience Is Key to Solving Our Problems.

Old computer - backward technology and practices at Montgomery County Recorder's office

Updating technology, modernizing Recorder's office

Currently, it takes from several days to up to three weeks to record a real estate transaction at the Montgomery County Recorder's office. This status quo did not bother anyone at the Recorder's office - until Adil started to campaign to improve and modernize this office. Adil knows how to improve the Recorder's office by upgrading and updating technology underpinning the recordings of real estate transactions. After all, Adil was the leader in implementing the largest technology update in Montgomery County in 2016. Best of all - Adil can do it cheaper, faster and better than anyone. 


Creating a Strong Economy

Adil knows firsthand what it takes to grow a small business from the ground up. He will lead with that experience to protect our homeowners and entrepreneurs alike from burdensome government regulations and taxes. Adil will fight for common sense solutions. The Dayton region is uniquely positioned at the intersection of I-70 and I-75 to spur real estate development. Adil's expertise in real estate and technology further strengthen his position as the only right candidate to represent voters and taxpayers.


Supporting Our Veterans

With Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in our community, it is imperative to look after the over 40,000 veterans that call the Montgomery County home. Adil Baguirov will make it a priority to promote and issue free of charge state-issued Veteran ID cards and military Power of Attorney forms, military service discharge form, and urge legislation that would provide tax credits to businesses that hire and employ Ohio veterans. Additionally, Adil Baguirov will personally do offsite recordings to assist disabled veterans.


Implementing Education Reform

Adil believes every child in Ohio deserves access to the type of education that works for them, whether that’s public schools, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools or homeschooling. Adil is always ready to work with our local school boards, educators and parents to share his insights gained in improving the second poorest school district in Ohio that has been at the bottom of the state rankings for three decades.


Early Childhood Education and Preschool

Investing in preschool beats the stock market – hands down! High quality early childhood programs can yield a $4 – $9 return per $1 invested. According to a Nobel Prize-winning economist’s research, high-quality, birth-to-five early childhood programs for disadvantaged children yielded a 13% return on investment (ROI) per child, per annum through better education, economic, health, and social outcomes. Ohio must invest more in preschool today in order to generate impressive ROI and save money spent on incarceration – costing over $25,000 per inmate per year in Ohio.


Defending Our Values

As a pro-life leader and proud defender of our Second Amendment, Adil Baguirov is prepared to stand up for the values that make us proud to call Ohio home. As a proud gun owner and CCW holder, Adil has full appreciation and understanding of the necessity of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 1.04 of Ohio’s Constitution. Adil will always support the individual right to keep and bear arms. Second Amendment is one of the bedrock rights that makes America special and unique in the world, and has everything to do with the inherent right to self-defense and protection of freedom.


Reducing Wasteful Spending and Regulations

Adil is a fiscal conservative who won’t rest until we have a balanced budget and a smaller, more efficient state government. Adil will fight to make the Ohio Checkbook Initiative mandatory, to identify waste, fraud and abuse in a time efficient manner. Embracing the best technology solutions Adil Baguirov will make the Montgomery County Recorder's office provide services faster, cheaper and better than anytime before.

What exactly does the Recorder’s office do?

Its primary role is to keep accurate records of real property and land transfers for a clear chain of title. To put it simply, the Recorder is the historian of land records. Additionally, per the Ohio Revised Code, County Recorder's have authority and responsibility for many of the veteran affairs: discharges, IDs, list of burials.

Why is this important and how are these records used?

The services of Recorder’s office are used by the general public, attorneys, title agents, realtors, surveyors, title searchers, historians, genealogists, land title examiners. For instance, when you purchase a home, your lender will usually require a title insurance policy in order to determine that you (and the lender) are the only parties who have ownership of the property. In order for the insurer to issue a policy, they will perform a title search in the Recorder’s office to verify previous transfers and lien releases (including prior mortgages).

Well-run Recorders offices help minimize the increased cases of fraud and errors that are so common place all over the country. Recorders help minimize and avoid many hidden risks related to real estate, the #1 financial investment of your life, such as: false impersonation of the true owner, false mechanic's lien, confusion caused by similar names, forged deeds, errors in recording of legal documents, clerical errors in public records, undisclosed or missing heirs, invalid divorces, unpaid child support liens, unpaid taxes, invalid documents executed under an expired power of attorney, unrecorded easements (rights of way), signatures of minors or people who are not mentally competent, and signatures of people represented as single but who are actually married. 

What kinds of documents are recorded there?

Mostly deeds, liens, transfers, corporation mergers and name changes, power of attorney, affidavits, mortgages, land contracts, plats, financing statements (UCCs), condominium documents, annexations, and zoning resolutions. In addition, the office records U.S. military service discharges and the grave locations for deceased military veterans.