Adil Baguirov

Experience Is Key to Solving Our Problems.


Creating a Strong Economy

Adil knows firsthand what it takes to grow a small business from the ground up. He will lead with that experience to protect our homeowners and entrepreneurs alike from burdensome government regulations and taxes. Adil will fight for common sense solutions. The Dayton region is uniquely positioned at the intersection of I-70 and I-75 to spur real estate development. Adil's expertise in real estate and technology further strengthen his position as the only right candidate to represent voters and taxpayers.


Supporting Our Veterans

With Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in our community, it is imperative to look after the countless veterans that call the Miami Valley home. Adil will work on their behalf in Columbus, sponsoring legislation that would provide tax credits to businesses that hire and employ Ohio veterans.


Defending Our Values

As a pro-life leader and proud defender of our Second Amendment, Adil is prepared to stand up for the values that make us proud to call Ohio home. As a proud gun owner and CCW holder, Adil has full appreciation and understanding of the necessity of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 1.04 of Ohio’s Constitution. Adil will always support the individual right to keep and bear arms. Second Amendment is one of the bedrock rights that makes America special and unique in the world, and has everything to do with the inherent right to self-defense and protection of freedom.


Reducing Wasteful Spending and Regulations

Adil is a fiscal conservative who won’t rest until we have a balanced budget and a smaller, more efficient state government. Adil will fight to make the Ohio Checkbook Initiative mandatory, to identify waste, fraud and abuse in a time efficient manner.